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Spain Part 1 - Barcelona


One of the best parts of any vacation is food, so let’s start with that. I had this for breakfast my first day in Barcelona. It was at a small bakery near my brother’s house in Barcelona:

Pretty good stuff!

Plaça de Catalunya

My tourism of Barcelona started with going to Plaça de Catalunya and walking around. First stop was Catedral de Barcelona:

While walking around near Catedral de Barcelona, I came across a few places that could easily be mistaken for places from Assassins Creed.

This tower could easily be a vantage point from which one could do a leap of faith:

Here’re ledges and lamps to aid getting up to the vantage point:

This sign looks positively ancient:

I quite enjoyed wandering around the various alleys in the general area quite a bit:

La Rambla

I then took to rambling around on La Rambla. Ended up skipping the wax museum:

And saw this person (not sure who or what that is supposed to be):

As I reached the water front, I came across Mirador de Colom – a monument to Columbus:


Tibidabo (a mountain with a church at the top) was probably my favorite spot in Barcelona. We had to take a funicular:

To get here, and then a bus:

This is a view from the top:

Here’s what the church (Sagrat Cor) looks like.

I was able to go almost all the way up to the top (the small platform right below the foot of the statue). Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get pictures of the city from there since there was barely any room to stand and people were jostling me.

Sagrada Familia

More or less every thing I read about Barcelona tourism and every person I talked to told me to go to Sagrada Familia. I honestly wasn’t particularly impressed by it. I thought Sagrat Cor was way nicer (not to mention actually finished – the reason I don’t have any pictures of the towers is because they were surrounded by ugly cranes).

It did remind me a bit of Daredevil though. Perhaps if he was Catalan instead of a Hell’s Kitchenite, he could have made this his home base.

Park Guell

This is a park that was designed by the famous Catalan architect Gaudi. It was a bit of a vicious walk to get there, but it was fun.


Sitges is a little beach town not too far from Barcelona. This is what sunset looked like from the hotel we were at:

I tried to get some long exposure shots at night of the water. This was the best I could do:

Sleepy Rosco

Last night, Rosco came to my room tried to get my attention, failed and surprisingly just went to sleep next to my bed. He never does this when there’s someone else in the house. Even more surprisingly, when I tried to photograph him he didn’t move around and make it hard to photograph him (he usually does).

Coffee or Foam?

I tried putting my coffee in a blender to see what would happen. Turns out it produces a ton of foam and not that much coffee.

No Shave November

I’ve always been curious if I can grow a beard. I’ve preferred being clean shaven for the most part because after 4-5 days of not shaving, the facial hair I’ve grown is super itchy. This November, I decided to give a beard a shot. It took a heck of a lot of willpower for the first 15 days or so because my face was constantly itchy. After that though I got used to it. Here’s the result:

Good god, I look like a hobo. I’m happy to say I’ve now satisified my curiosity and will likely never grow a beard again.

Grass at Eagleburg

I was at Eagleburg today and took these on my iPhone 6.