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My friend Sabina and I recently went on a vacation. We went to Phuket, Bangkok, Bangalore and Kabini. Here’re some of the photos from the vacation. Most of them are mine, but a few are Sabina’s.

It all started in an empty Bangalore airport. I’ve never seen it so empty before.

The villa we were staying at (it was fantastic).

The drinks we had at dinner our first night in Phuket at a local Thai restaurant. I had the mango, and Sabina had the watermelon. Both were delicious. I ate Pad Thai for my meal. It was pretty similar to the Pad Thai I’d eaten in the US, so I was a bit surprised.

There was a night market near the villa that I went to with the housekeeper Marjorie. The night market mostly had fruits, vegetables, and other cooked food.

I took these while walking around the Laguna area (this is where the villa was).

These are photos I took at BangTao beach. It was a 10 minute walk from the villa, and I spent a lot of time on this beach. It is probably the second best beach I’ve ever been on (the best would be Coronado in San Diego).

Sabina took this photo (my slippers are in view). I have no idea how this guy was still walking around after being so burnt.

We went to Phang Nga bay to do a sea canoe tour. It was fantastic.

There were monkeys.

We made this thing called a Kratong from banana leaves, orchids and a banana trunk. Well, by we, I mostly mean our tour guide. All I did was fold a couple of banana leaves.

This is me in the process of attempting and failing spectacularly to fold my first banana leaf.

The guide made birds from orchids. Super cool.

On the way back, we sat on the sun deck. The sunset was beautiful, and it was a relatively clear night, so it was amazing to just lie back and look at the stars. I was able to spot Orion, but nothing else (like always).

Here’s a video of us leaving one of the caves.

We went on a snorkeling day trip to Similan Islands. The trip was a bust. We were on an incredibly crowded, rocky, speed boat. We barely got any snorkeling time. But, the Similan Islands are just amazingly beautiful.

And here’s a picture we took with our awesome hosts just as we were leaving for the airport.


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