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Baby Deoderant

Not too long ago a friend of mine said to me “Dude, you really need to put on some damn deoderant”. Of course, she was totally right. I sweat a lot and unfortunately that makes me stink. I try to make sure I don’t go too long without a shower and deoderant but every so often life gets in the way and I end up being Mr. Stinky. Part of my strategy involves always having extra deoderant lying around so I never run out. Here’re the latest two cans that I’ve acquired. I shot this with my tripod with a 1.3 second shutter speed at f/1.8.

In related news, I was recently at Star Bazaar in Kormanagala and found out that they have a pretty interesting defintion of “Baby care”. I wonder if this is a hint to all men that perhaps we’re too childish and should grow up. If it is, I’m totally ignoring that hint.

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