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I was playing soccer in the backyard when I saw this thing moving along on the grass.

Video if it moving:


I was at Eagleton for a couple of days. It’s great to be there now that I have decent internet there and can work from there. Here’re some pictures I took while I was there.

View from my room’s balcony:

Views from the terrace:

I shot this one at sunset and went to town on it in Lightroom:

We call this type of roofing “Henchu” in Kannada.

I also went on a bike ride. This time, I actually ventured out onto actual “roads”. It was tough going at first since you really have to work to find the road between all the potholes and speed breakers. But, once I found a decent road, it was fun.


Size 1 Footballs

I picked up some more Size 1 Footballs at Decathlon. Now I have 4.

Bay Area

Ok, so I’m waaaaay behind. But, in my defense, I was traveling. I was in the Bay Area for 3 weeks for work. I had a most lovely time while I was there. I caught up with old friends, made some new ones, and pulled off (barely) a 17 mile hike. Here’re all the pictures I took while I was in California (and in transit).

I flew from BLR to HKG (Hong Kong), and then had to wait there for 11 hours. I was a sick, and it was hot and humid outside, so I decided to just stay in the airport lounges instead of venturing out into Hong Kong. Here’re a few pictures from the gate I arrived at.

When you’re in the lounge for 11 hours, you eat things.

Since I’m now a contractor, I had to get a new badge.

First thing I did was go to Cafe Macs and eat some delicious pancakes.

I missed Cafe Macs lunches. This was delicious.

Drove up to SF to meet Vaibhav. We ended up walking through the pre-carnival thing near the mission. Vaibhav picked up an awesome looking turkey leg (and he finished it too!).

We then when to Esperpento to get some tapas.

We were walking back to the car when we came across this tiny park that had this notice on it.

Random SF photo.

There’s apparently a box factory in SF. Rent control?

I went on a 17 mile hike with a bunch of Apple people. We walked from Stinson Beach to the top of Mt. Tam. It was extremely painful (especially the next day), but incredily fun. Really glad I did it.

This is the group of people I went with. Super fun gang; had an awesome time hanging out with them for over 8 hours :)

I also went to Rio a lot. Here’s the obligatory Mojado R&B burrito photo, corn&bean salsa, chips and mango Jarritos.

And Chipotle too.

Also went to Alice’s. Found a cat there.

Huevos Rancheros at Alice’s.

Mango souffle at Cafe Macs. Unbelievably good!

Michigan reunion in SF! After we met, we went to a docfest bad art thingy in the Mission. There were some truly awful “paintings”. And some truly awful trivia. It was still fun though.

Heirloom tomato quesadilla at Rio. Tried this on Tejas’ and Ralai’s recommendation. Did not regret it.

The 747 I took from SFO to HKG.

Same plane from the side.

Finally made it home and guess who was waiting?

Brazuca Mini

I ordered a Brazuca Mini (Size 1) football on Flipkart this weekend. I was expecting it to arrive on Wednesday, but it arrived today. Yay.

I’ve only played with it for a few minutes now, but I already love it! It’s really light and great for kicking around inside the house.