Usually sometime during Dussera my parents throw a Dose party. In the evening, we get a cook to come and make dosas and invite a bunch of people over to eat them. Several of our friends and family came over this year as well. It was great catching up with several people I hadn’t seen in a long, long time and saying hi to the folks I do see somewhat regularly. I also met a few people I hadn’t met before, so that was nice.

This is a photo of my uncle, aunt, grand uncle and grand aunt sitting on the awesome swing on our front porch. I often spend time lying on that swing and playing games on my iPhone while Rosco eats his dinner. It also turns out to be the place where most of our family conversations happen. For better or worse, despite my best efforts I’ve been unable to get decent wifi in that area, so it means that none of us can use our phones out there :)