This is a collection of prehistoric, ancient, and old media that are in my room.

The records belong to my grandfather. He had many more, but these are the only ones that seem to have survived. They’re mostly old Hindi movie soundtracks, but there also a few English albums. I am told (I don’t really remember it myself) that they used to play these for me when I was a kid and that I would dance around the living room listening to the songs on these records. I must have been pretty terrible even back then. My favorites (and I do remember these) are Baby Elephant Walk and Que Sera Sera.

The floppies came a while later. In 7th grade I bought a bunch of floppies so I could get my own copy of QBasic from the computer lab. I later used them to bring home a copy of Turbo C++. This way I could spend all my lab time playing Unreal Tournament and Counter Strike. I’d do all the assignments at home, and take them back to the lab for submission on these floppies.

After that, came the CDs. I was overjoyed when I got my own CD burner. Pretty quickly, I earned the reputation of being the guy who could provide certain “items of interest” to the other kids at school. I still have most of the stuff I burned back then lying around. It’s pretty amusing to flip through the discs and read the labels.