This week’s theme is “texture”. I really don’t know what to shoot for it, so I’m just going to go with stuff I find that has texture of any kind.

These are two footie balls. I picked the smaller one up at the MCG where I watched a game of footie. I remember wearing an Essendon shirt and supporting them. I forget who they were playing though.

After watching the game I was totally blown away by it. It is by far one of the most fun sports I’ve watched. So I went to a sports store and picked up a full size ball. Unfortunately, I’ve never really had a chance to play it myself properly. I found these lying in the basement a few weeks ago. Sadly, I don’t have a pump to fill em up (I’m working on acquiring one).

I’ve owned a rugby ball and several American footballs, but what’s different about a footie ball is that the surface is really smooth. Not as smooth as a soccer ball, but definitely nowhere near as grippy as an american football.