This week’s theme is Music. Unfortunately, I’m way, way behind, so I’ll have to play some catch up. This is a photo of a Joe Satriani album in iTunes. He is my favorite guitarist of all time. I had the pleasure of watching him live in Bangalore and it was an amazing experience. I used to own several tapes (yes, really) of his, but I was unable to locate them for this photo.

I had a great evening on Thursday. Chuck, Leah, Sabina and I did a quick Stevens Canyon ride starting at around 8PM. I’ve really missed biking with these folks. They ride in circles around me (literally), but they’re very encouraging and I always have a blast riding with them. Chuck set me up on one of his spare bikes. It started off ok, but it got viciously cold really soon. Leah’s thermo read 34F on our way back. I only had my biking shorts, biking jersey, biking jacket and gloves on (I did fortunately have two pairs of socks on). I don’t think I’ve ever been that cold in my life before (and I’ve spent 4 years in Michigan). Despite the cold though, it felt fantastic to be out on a bike at night (a really pretty one), breathing in the chilly air, and working hard enough to get my legs and lungs to burn. My heart rate went up to 205 bpm a few times, which was awesome. I hadn’t taken it that high since I’d stopped biking.

I can’t wait to get out on my CAAD 8 at Eagleton soon!