This is my latest guitar. I bought it in San Diego a few years ago. It’s an Epiphone Les Paul. Before this one, I had a B.C. Rich Warlock (picked it up during freshman year in Canton, MI). Before that, I had a Yamaha electric guitar that I picked up in Hong Kong (I forget the model number). Before that I had an acoustic guitar that I picked up at Veena Musicals. I used to go to that store almost every day with my grand father and brother when I was a kid. I also had another acoustic guitar as a little boy (4-5 years old). Apparently I’ve always wanted to play guitar. Unfortunately nothing really came of it until I was in 11th grade. That’s when I started to get into extra curricular activities, and I thought playing guitar would “get me the girls”. Sadly, that never happened. I was really into playing guitar for 2 years, but somehow when I got to college, I got too busy and I’ve never picked up the habit again. I’ve been thinking about getting back into it. Who knows, I just might.