I finally got around to setting up my PS4 today. I had been putting it off since I had to move spike busters around, and clean up a bunch of really ugly wiring behind my TV (it’s still ugly, sadly). I played a couple of games of FIFA 14, and man it feels great to be playing real video games again! Unfortunately, FIFA 14 isn’t next gen. It looks and plays a lot like a game that would be very similar on an PS3 or 360. I wasn’t really expecting it to be next gen though, so no real complaints yet. Hopefully next year’s games are more impressive. I also can’t wait to pick up an XBone.

I’ve also got Black Flag (I may finish AC3 before I start this, not sure yet) and CoD Ghosts (yes, really – I bought it because of the dog) lined up. I also wanted to finish The Last Of Us on my PS 3, but the customs people appear to have stolen it! It’ll have to wait until I get another copy.