Today is my 25th birthday. Since I haven’t celebrated a birthday at home in the last 7 years, my family went a little nuts this year. They wrapped up 25 gifts (my favorite one was a bag of peanuts). The day started with the opening of gifts, followed by 3 Rava Masala Dosas. The excessive breakfast put me to sleep for a bit. For lunch was Ambode. I ate about 20 of those. I then played some Call of Duty: Ghosts on my PS 4, and fell asleep again. A most delicious Chocolate Truffle cake was brought out in the evening for cutting. I thoroughly enjoyed eating a rather large piece of it. For dinner, we went to the nearby Ritz Carlton. It’s new, so there were a lot of people there. I ended up eating a really good white penne pasta, some noodles, paneer kebabs, and rasmalai for dessert. I estimate that I’ve eaten somewhere in the vicinity of 3000 calories today.

I had forgotten how much fun it is to celebrate something like a birthday with family. I’ve really missed this sort of thing, and it really makes me happy to be back home.