Since it’s winter, it sometimes (so far it has happened twice) gets down to around 15C at night here in Bangalore. That’s a little too cold for me to sleep in comfortably. Since we don’t really have any sort of heating, our only resort is thick blankets. As a child, I had ashtma so I couldn’t use the usual razais that everyone else used (they absorb a lot of dust which would trigger my asthma). To get around this, we had my grand aunt who lives in New Zeland bring us a copule of Duvets that weren’t made from cotton and as such did not absorb dust. I’ve slept in this one since I was around 6 or 7 years old (when I’ve been at home and cold, that is). It’s the best bedding equipment I’ve ever used. Like they say, the best things are made to last.