As a part of a somewhat cruel joke I was stuck in Chennai on April Fool’s day. I had to go there to get a US Visa. I hate everything about Chennai. It’s hot, grimy, sweaty and dirty. I don’t speak the language and getting around is a giant pain. You can’t get into an auto without arguing about price for 10 minutes first. And, you have to listen to the auto driver moaning about how awful his life is and how you overpaying him by a factor of 100 will make his life all better. Bottom line is I just hate that city.

I met a couple of friends for dinner yesterday. We had this thing called Chap Chae. Basically you pick a bunch of veggies and noodles in a bowl, and then a sauce to go with them. They cook it for you and bring it out. I got this bowl with Kungpao sauce and it burned a hole in my stomach.

On the way back to the airport, the cab got a puncture. Turns out some douche bag had stuck a spanner facing upwards on the road. Have I mentioned that I hate this city?