It’s getting harder and harder to do a photo a day. As such, I’m going to try and do a few “story” posts with multiple photos.

Last week, my father told me that I should learn about my roots and where I hail from. He and I woke up early this morning and set off to my ancestral village. It was a really fun way to spend a Sunday morning. It also makes me incredibly happy that an ancestor of mine left and came to the city to give us a much, much better life.

We pulled over to take this.

This is the Raghavendra Swamy Gudi (temple) owned by some relatives of mine in the village of Gowdagere. Somehow I remember this place being a lot bigger, but my memory of it is from when I was probably a five year old kid.

In front of the temple.

Run down structure across the temple.

My father sitting in front of the temple. It is customary to sit down in a temple for a couple of minutes before leaving.

Me in front of the temple entrance.

Me outside the temple gate.

Me again.

The car in front of the temple.

“Chandrika” house. This is where my great great grandfather taught his students. It is named after a book he wrote. I’m told he was a scholar of repute.

My father pointing at the name of the house.

An old rickety chair inside Chandrika.

Me walking out of Chandrika.

Me hangin around.

Electric pole outside Chandrika.

Raju Achar. Him and his family now look after the temple.

Abandoned tractor appendage.