Without me really realizing it, it’s been well over a year now. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stick to my goal of a photo a day for a year. In hindsight, perhaps this was too ambitious a goal, and a photo a week was a more reasonable goal to hit. Having said that though, this little project has made me shoot loads of photographs which I don’t think I would’ve otherwise taken.

Going forward, I’m not going to stick to a schedule of any sort, but I am going to continue posting pictures whenever I take some good ones.

Here’re some photos I took on my recent trip to the bay area with my iPhone (I didn’t take my DSLR with me). Unfortunately I was extremely busy this time around and didn’t have much time to go shoot some photos.

I really missed Philz Coffee:

I drove here after picking up some early morning Philz. I’ve biked by this spot more times than I can remember and I was shocked at how much of the water was gone. This reservoir had lost easily 30-40 feet of water.

Some photos of the moon from outside the office:

They served this cheesecake on the flight back. It was delicious.