One of the best parts of any vacation is food, so let’s start with that. I had this for breakfast my first day in Barcelona. It was at a small bakery near my brother’s house in Barcelona:

Pretty good stuff!

Plaça de Catalunya

My tourism of Barcelona started with going to Plaça de Catalunya and walking around. First stop was Catedral de Barcelona:

While walking around near Catedral de Barcelona, I came across a few places that could easily be mistaken for places from Assassins Creed.

This tower could easily be a vantage point from which one could do a leap of faith:

Here’re ledges and lamps to aid getting up to the vantage point:

This sign looks positively ancient:

I quite enjoyed wandering around the various alleys in the general area quite a bit:

La Rambla

I then took to rambling around on La Rambla. Ended up skipping the wax museum:

And saw this person (not sure who or what that is supposed to be):

As I reached the water front, I came across Mirador de Colom – a monument to Columbus:


Tibidabo (a mountain with a church at the top) was probably my favorite spot in Barcelona. We had to take a funicular:

To get here, and then a bus:

This is a view from the top:

Here’s what the church (Sagrat Cor) looks like:

I was able to go almost all the way up to the top (the small platform right below the foot of the statue). Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get pictures of the city from there since there was barely any room to stand and people were jostling me.

Sagrada Familia

More or less every thing I read about Barcelona tourism and every person I talked to told me to go to Sagrada Familia. I honestly wasn’t particularly impressed by it. I thought Sagrat Cor was way nicer (not to mention actually finished – the reason I don’t have any pictures of the towers is because they were surrounded by ugly cranes).

It did remind me a bit of Daredevil though. Perhaps if he was Catalan instead of a Hell’s Kitchenite, he could have made this his home base.

Park Guell

This is a park that was designed by the famous Catalan architect Gaudi. It was a bit of a vicious walk to get there, but it was fun.


Sitges is a little beach town not too far from Barcelona. This is what sunset looked like from the hotel we were at:

I tried to get some long exposure shots at night of the water. This was the best I could do: